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    rka ventures helps businesses traverse the strategic, tactical and technological challenges associated with growing revenue in the modern era. We advise companies in key areas, enabling them to grow across industry segments, regions and a wide array of prospective buyer credentials.


    In today’s ever-changing economic climate “business as usual” just doesn't cut it. Installing systems that tangibly upgrade your company’s effectiveness, while taking your business to the next level, can be a daunting process.


    Enter rka ventures. We are experts in the areas of strategy, tactics, tools, personnel and growth. We have a solid track record of delivering results and helping our clients find unexplored opportunities.


    What We've Been Working On...

    ProSales Systems: Team Selling IS Better!

    ProSales Systems: Team Selling

    A Lean, Iterative, Effective Way to Grow Sales

    Sales: A Modern "All-In-One" Approach to Growing Sales


    ProSales Systems is a growth-driven, innovation-bent Team Selling framework. Through assessment, coaching, leadership training, and other strategies, custom-tailored to you and your team, ProSales helps you exceed your revenue and growth goals.


    Fit Old Man: Optimized Fitness & Well-being for Men 40+

    Fit Old Man

    Optimized Fitness, Health & Well-being for Men Aged 40+

    Coaching: Content Strategy, Production, Marketing & Partnerships


    Fit Old Man exists for one reason; to support men, over the age of 40, who are committed to thriving during the second half of their life. This course and opinion podcast consider nutrition, physical activity and the thinking necessary to create and maintain long-term healthy lifestyle practices.


    CryptoFit - A Secure Blockchain Platform for Wellness-Minded Companies & Individuals.


    A Secure Blockchain Platform for Wellness-Minded Companies & Individuals

    Apps & Software: Development of Blockchain Tech for the Digital Health Market


    CryptoFit is a blockchain platform designed to generate value for the evolving Digital Health Market. By combining private mobile health data, rewards, and currency exchange options, CryptoFit is an end-to-end data management and payment solution.


    Boon Solar - Commercial Solar Originators

    Boon Originators

    Commercial Solar, Charging Stations & IoT Tech

    Sales: Project Origination for Kentucky & Tennessee


    Solar power is arguably the top growth technology for the fulfillment of commercial energy needs and it's getting better every day. With the emergence of inexpensive solar panels and reduced soft costs, solar energy is becoming a more feasible option for businesses of all sizes. Generating your own electricity is a great way to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.



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