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    Effective Business Systems for Improvement & Success

    rka ventures helps businesses traverse the strategic, tactical and technological challenges associated with growing revenue in the modern era. We advise companies in key areas, enabling them to grow across industry segments, regions and a wide array of prospective buyer credentials.


    In today’s ever-changing economic climate “business as usual” just doesn't cut it. Installing systems that tangibly upgrade your company’s effectiveness, while taking your business to the next level, can be a daunting process.


    Enter rka ventures. We are experts in the areas of strategy, tactics, tools, personnel and growth. We have a solid track record of delivering results and helping our clients find unexplored opportunities.


    What We're Working On...

    Acme Advisors & Brokers: Plan, value, sell or buy a business

    Acme Advisors & Brokers

    Advisory & Brokerage - Confidential, experienced & connected

    Modern Business Brokerage: Implementation of Data Science for Strategic Transactions


    Acme Business Brokers is a matchmaker for buyers and sellers of small-sized businesses. We work with entrepreneurs to develop exit strategies and business transition plans. Our specialty is helping clients identify, refine, valuate and leverage their business assets, leading to the sale or purchase of their business.

    Telos Events - Online Summits, Virtual Conferences and Micro-Retreats

    Telos Events

    Online Summits, Virtual Conferences and Micro-Retreats

    Web, mobile, Augmented Reality, AI and Internet of Things technology are driving events and experiential marketing in new directions. Telos Events partners with key influencers to deliver online and in-person experiences that change the world.


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